When I see black people on Mad Men, I’m as excited as I imagine my mother and grandmother were when they saw black people on TV in 1965, the year the show is currently set in. So I’ve decided to blog about the black people who make appearances on the show as well as the historical references to black people and the civil rights movement.

“The Rejected” aired 8-15-10.

One of the best scenes from this episode is when Peggy goes to a downtown party with her new friend, the very awesome lesbian Life magazine editor Joyce. The party is being thrown by the super edgy and pretentious photographer Davey Kellogg and we meet one of his (black!) nude models Sharon.

Sharon, who was only on screen long enough to tell a curious Peggy that her mom had no idea she was a nude model, was played by Kamirah Westbrook. Westbrook has appeared on Girlfriends and in the film American Violet.

Back at work later in the episode, Peggy asked Joey the freelancer if he was aware Malcolm X had been shot to death two weeks prior. Joey says he is aware and Peggy, who perhaps just learned of X’s existence at the downtown party, says, “Oh, like you knew who he was.”

Randoms: Peggy passed a young black couple in the hallway as she entered the party.

Also, as Don Draper left the SCDP offices the day his secretary Allison confronted him about his cavalier attitude following their sleezy hookup, a black guy was buffing the office floor.