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It seems children will ALWAYS love Michael Jackson. I met this nine-year-old in the train station at 125th street on the anniversary of MJ’s death. (Excuse the crap quality of my iPhone pic)


I always wonder who the models on these do-rags covers are. They don’t look like models (not that anything’s wrong with that). They have to be relatives of the do-rag manufacturers, right??

Michael as a child

I’m watching a former Jackson attorney on CNN talking about MJ’s problems with medication and the enablers in his life. He says he warned those around MJ.

I never imagined I’d see Michael Jackson as an old man but this is still jarring. I’ll write some thoughts on MJ to get up later.

But as I type, something just pissed me off. The company promoting Jackson’s London shows say that in order to be insured for the tour, the icon underwent a four-hour physical that revealed “no issues whatsoever.” — THIS MAKES NO SENSE! We’ve all seen photos of Jackson in recent months and it was clear there were some issues.

A Jackson family spokesman just did a phoner with CNN and says the family was aware Jackson had a problem with prescriptions and had been trying to intervene but the “enablers” in his life, kept them out.

“ENABLERS” – a word that keeps coming up.

Here are some photos I took with my phone at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last night. People were not mourning – they were celebrating. It was quite fun and made all this a little less sad.