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“If I wanted to see two negroes fight, I’d throw a dollar bill out my window” -Miss Blankenship

While no black people actually appear in this episode, “The Suitcase” was composed around the historic May 1965 fight between black heavyweights Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston. Despite having changed his name to Muhammad Ali a year prior, Ali is mostly referred to as Cassius Clay.

The episode opens with SCDP employees talking about the night’s upcoming fight. Don walks in on the conversation and puts his money on Liston.

When Don asks his crotchety (and apparently formerly hot) secretary Miss Blankenship if she’s going to watch the fight, she delivers this gem, “If I wanted to see two negroes fight, I’d throw a dollar bill out my window.”

Talking with Peggy in his office, Don later calls Ali “Moo-hamed” and says he doesn’t like him. Peggy counters that she thinks Ali is handsome. Then comes one of my favorite lines of the episode…

“I remember my mother talking about Nat King Cole in such a way that made my father throw out all his records.” – Peggy Olson

Peggy ends up skipping her birthday dinner to work on the Samsonite campaign with Don but, they end up on a crazy emotional adventure, sharing more with each other than ever before.

One stop on Don and Peggy’s Crazy Night Train is a bar where they listen to the boxing match on the radio. Don tells Peggy he thinks Ali, the boxer with the rapper flow, boasts too much. “Why does he have to say it; just do it,” says Don. Racism could very well be the basis of Don’s opinion on Ali but, it’s also likely that his own approach to life and work has something to do with it. He’s more of a shut-up-and-get-it-done kind of guy.

In the end, the now iconic image of Ali in white shorts standing over a fallen Liston inspires the Samsonite proposal. The image Don shows to Peggy in the closing scene is a Samsonite suitcase standing above a “knocked-out” American Tourister.


When I see black people on Mad Men, I’m as excited as I imagine my mother and grandmother were when they saw black people on TV in 1965, the year the show is currently set in. So I’ve decided to blog about the black people who make appearances on the show as well as the historical references to black people and the civil rights movement.

“The Rejected” aired 8-15-10.

One of the best scenes from this episode is when Peggy goes to a downtown party with her new friend, the very awesome lesbian Life magazine editor Joyce. The party is being thrown by the super edgy and pretentious photographer Davey Kellogg and we meet one of his (black!) nude models Sharon.

Sharon, who was only on screen long enough to tell a curious Peggy that her mom had no idea she was a nude model, was played by Kamirah Westbrook. Westbrook has appeared on Girlfriends and in the film American Violet.

Back at work later in the episode, Peggy asked Joey the freelancer if he was aware Malcolm X had been shot to death two weeks prior. Joey says he is aware and Peggy, who perhaps just learned of X’s existence at the downtown party, says, “Oh, like you knew who he was.”

Randoms: Peggy passed a young black couple in the hallway as she entered the party.

Also, as Don Draper left the SCDP offices the day his secretary Allison confronted him about his cavalier attitude following their sleezy hookup, a black guy was buffing the office floor.

In preparation for Season 4, I’ve Mad Men’d myself a couple of times this week. This is my interpretation of the Drapers – me, as Betty Draper, coming to drag Don out of a Manhattan lounge.

I’m late on posting this but…anywho. This video of Michelle Trachtenberg rapping to Nicki Minaj’s verse on “Shakin It For Daddy” made me put the Robin Thicke track in the rotation.

Oprah and Whitney had so much to talk about that the interview, which opens her 24th season, had to be split into two episodes.

In this 30 second clip, Oprah asks Whit about Bobby, the worst of the drugs and tries to figure out where the hell her child was in all the madness. We also get a glimpse of Oprah watching in tears as Whitney sings on stage.

New Promo Trailer for Whitney’s Oprah Interview

Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on VH1’s Megan Wants A Millionaire, is a “person of interest” in the case of murdered model Jasmine Fiore. Jenkins reported Fiore missing, but hasn’t been seen or heard from ever since making the call. She was found strangled to death Saturday morning. She was 26.



Details are sketchy – it appears that Jenkins and Fiore may have been married, before or after the show began taping.

Sources told TMZ that Ryan was one of the finalist on the show and perhaps even the winner. VH1 has stopped airing the show indefinitely. Check out their statement:

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire, an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.

Way to distance yourself from the situation VH1! Not that it had anything to do with you anyway.

Megan Hauserman is a VH1 favorite. She started out on Rock of Love and has also been a contestant on I Love Money and Charm School. Tidbit: According to her Wikipedia page, Megan has a degree in accounting! Interesting given her blonde bimbo persona.

“Men can do some really filthy things in the club. I can tell you this much.” – NeNe

ATL’s most popular housewife, NeNe, confirms the rumors about stripper past in her new book.


In the memoir, titled Never Make the Same Mistake Twice, NeNe says that after her first son was born she found herself broke and in danger of eviction and decided to get a job at “the most glamorous upscale gentlemen’s club in Georgia.”

She also says it was her husband Greg who persuaded her to stop dancing. Perhaps they met in the club. That’s the scene I want to read in this memoir.

I don’t really care that NeNe used to be a stripper. I’m just glad she didn’t name her book “Twisted Hearts.”