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I interviewed Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) and JP Jones about their new group, JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys for the August/September issue of Bust. The songs on their album are “written to, for and about each other,” of their May-December would-be romance. They couldn’t have a marriage, they say, so they created a musical marriage.

They were very nice people and smoked a lot of Bali Shag.


My interview with Jill Scott in the June / July issue of BUST magazine – while it’s still on newsstands. (Yes… I’m hella late.)

Jill talked about being a “character singer” – acting through her music. She discussed the effects of her divorce, the birth of her son and gave her take on dating now.

For many of us, the clothes in Vogue are more aspirational than attainable. That changes this month with a budget friendly issue featuring a new “Steal of the Month” feature and an “all items under $500” section.

This comes on the heels of news that for the first half of this year, Elle surpassed Vogue in ad pages for the first time in 24 years.

With Jimmy Choo doing a line for H&M and Marc Jacobs announcing his back-to-school, under $200 “Don’t Miss the Marc” collection it’s not surprising even the too fab Ms. Wintour has gotten on the cheap chic bandwagon.


the people who interview her get interviewed about interviewing her. OK! just posted this interview with Ann Curry titled, What’s it Like to Interview Angie?

Maybe I should interview the OK! mag reporter who interviewed Ann Curry so she can tell me what it’s like to interview someone who interviewed Angie!

The economy is in the shitter and just about every industry is reporting losses.

Who’s actually doing well these days? Chocolate!


In 2008, Cadbury’s profits were up whopping a 30 percent while Nestle saw an 11 percent jump.


Spotted in Marie Claire

The hottest of Beyonce’s most recent looks are the work of designer and perfumer Thierry Mugler, who also serves as her tour’s creative director, helping Sasha achieve a new level of fierceness.


Mugler’s also the genius behind the hotness that was George Michael’s 1992 “Too Funky” video.

thierry mugler too funky

Peep the influence. The video also featured the motorbike dress – the prelude to this getup Sasha’s been rockin.


So.. anywho. Chris March of Project Runway is now Thierry Mugler’s assistant. Runway fans remember Chris’s often over-the-top costumey pieces. He even incorporated human hair in his designs! I see March and Mugler as a perfect fit. Here’s Chris on the set of Beyonce’s Marie Claire shoot.


Spotted in June’s Marie Claire

Lady Gaga was photographed by David LaChappelle for the Rolling Stone Hot List issue.


The article covers the usual 23-year-old mysterious pop star fare – cocaine, bisexuality and being different-sexy.

Lady Gaga has been my morning subway soundtrack for too many months now. “Money Honey” wakes me up like nothing else. However, I’m getting tired of reading about the same old sex and drugs – duh!- hopefully it touches on more. Like who designs those damn outfits? Or maybe some more about her pre-fame songwriting resume and the evolution of her persona (which she says is not a persona).