“I really have no preference, though. Nationality is nothing. It’s all about the girl – but she has to be curvy!” – Daniel Radcliffe

When asked by the NY Daily News about the type of woman he prefers – American or British – Daniel Radcliffe replied that it’s the curves he cares about not nationality.

This reminded me of something that stuck out to me about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It seems color may also make no difference to Daniel Harry Radcliffe Potter. In the beginning of the film, Harry flirts and makes plans with a lovely young black woman – with a natural. This, along with the above comment leads me to the conclusion that Harry, I mean Daniel, no Harry – whatever – likes black women!

Black girl nerds everywhere rejoice!

*Side note: Ginny Weasley also has a brief interracial romance with classmate Dean, who is black.