One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind since Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna – what’s next for the former good boy pop sweetheart?

When Chris Brown and Rihanna first came out as a couple she was the good girl who’d gone bad and he was still just a good boy – or so we thought. She seemed older, mature and even a little fast for him. He was clean-cut singing about romance and puppy love, with the exception of the almost uncomfortable “Take You Down.”

The juxtaposition of their images made what happened on the night before the Grammys even harder to believe.

So, what can Chris Brown do now? Surely he can’t go back to singing “Yo (Excuse Me Miss).” Well, I have to hand it to the kid. He may have figured out the only way to salvage his career – becoming a rapper.

Of course! A good kid singing sweet songs can’t get away with beating up his girlfriend but a rapper can get away with just about anything.

A new song featuring a rapping Chris Brown is all over the hip-hop sites and Chris has expressed his interest in rapping recently. Sounds like that crisis management pr firm he hired might be worth the big bucks he’s paying them.