It was easy to see Mariah Carey was emotional when she took to the stage at Michael Jackson’s memorial Tuesday. Some (haters!) felt the beginning of “I’ll Be There,” which she sang with the homie Trey Lorenz, was not up to par.

MC_MJ memorial

Given that she’s one of the few artists with success comparable to MJ’s and has been in the game for almost twenty years, isn’t she at that level where people should just shut up and be happy she showed up? She’s Mariah friggin Carey, check the resume!

Mariah took to Twitter to discuss her performance, apologizing for the rough start. She didn’t know MJ’s casket was in the building until she walked on stage and was caught off guard. For the record, I thought the performance was moving.

* Random Detail: Mariah, who almost always performs with a pink rhinestone mic, rocked a black rhinestone mic for the memorial – subtle and sweet.

From Mariah:
MC on MJ performance