Jagged Edge’s first album – featuring their best song, “Gotta Be” – came out over ten years ago on So So Def. It was the late 90s and folks were missing the hot r&b groups of the early 90s. They were more Jodeci than Boyz II Men, and they were just what I was looking for so, I’m not made to see this dudes come back.

The group in the studio working on “The Remedy,” set to drop next year. Jagged is now signed to Slip-N-Slide and reading group member Kyle’s interview with Billboard, it sounds like the split from JD was not amicable.

Kyle says, “When we went to Def Jam there were already issues between L.A. Reid and Jermaine Dupri, which we didn’t know about. For Jermaine to take us from Columbia to a situation where we had to fight everyday, it didn’t make any sense. We had our own issues with Columbia, but at the same time it was home for 10 or 11 years. If you take us from that you have to prepare to fight for us.”