I’m an Ugly Betty fan but can admit the show isn’t what it once was.

Last night’s finally felt a bit long – maybe because it was TWO HOURS and there were no big surprises.

One moment stood out as particularly whack. When Henry, back in NYC with his new aerobic instructor GF, and Betty are discussing their complicated post-relationship feelings, Betty says of her attachment to Henry, “Maybe it’s because you are my first love.”

Betty and Henry

One problem… Betty was in a relationship for several years before she ever even met Henry. Back when she was still rocking the Guadalajara poncho, Betty dated geeky Walter – her high school sweetheart and Pro-Buy employee.


Walter was extremely annoying, intimidated by Betty’s “new life in Manhattan,” and going nowhere. That said, I find it hard to believe Betty didn’t love him. She went ape when she found out he was messing around with block hoochie Gina Gambarro.

Come on Betty writers! Step up your consistency game.