I kind of already knew Katy Perry was badass – in less than a decade she’s gone from gospel pop to “I Kissed A Girl.” But last night Katy Perry made the most badass move in American Idol guest performer history.


She rocked an Adam Lambert cape!

I’ve watched Idol from day one and I’ve never seen a celebrity on the show – guest mentor or performer – show such support for a contestant.

A lot of Idol fans are upset saying the producers should not have let her rock the cape. It’s possible they didn’t even know. I don’t think this will make any one who wasn’t an Adam fan become an Adam fan. It seems like the people who would be persuaded by Katy Perry are likely already Adam fans.

Besides, Adam was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. If the show’s producers allow contestants to pose for magazine covers, couldn’t that influence viewers? Especially when the media is fascinated with a contestant as has been the case with Adam.

Whatever. The cape was badass.

*Editor’s note: I talked to my mom, who is also Idol-obsessed, this morning. She said, “I like her but, what was that? I don’t think that was the time or place.” And Mom’s actually more of an Adam fan than I am. Cape stunt slowly becoming less awesome to me. Still badass, though.