If you know I’m his wife and you’re still pushing up on him, you’re taking a chance on getting your ass whooped. – Crystal, Mrs. Paul Wall

paul wall and crystal

True Hollywood Story: Rappers Wives airs tonight on E!

The life of a rapper’s wife isn’t all cars, clothes and diamonds. Sure, there is that. But, when your man earns his fortune rapping about sex, drugs, slangin’ and bangin’, enjoying the fruits of his labor becomes complicated – especially when rappers are “keepin it real” and actually living the lives they rhyme about.

Over the years, rappers’ wives have found themselves standing by their men amidst all types of drama. Shout out to Tashera “Mrs. DMX” Simmons!

Women like Liza Rios (Big Pun’s widow) and Faith Evans have found themselves defined by turbulent, volatile relationships long after their rapper husbands’ deaths.

While it’s unlikely the special, a follow-up to the 2006 THS Hip-Hop Wives, will touch on some of these more serious issues, it’s worth watching, if only to hear Paul Wall’s wife talk about checking groupies… and her husband.