Despite bad reviews, and worse styling (really with the curly red weave?), Obsessed came in on top at the box office pulling in $28.5 million in the U.S. this weekend. Fast & Furious held on to the number one international spot.


I’m sure all the Beyonce stans and fans out there are responsible for the success of this PG-13 rated “suspense thriller.” This is Beyonce’s first non-singing leading role and co-star Idris Elba said it was hard to connect with the mega star because of “the machine” around her.

Hopefully “the machine” is encouraging her to work on her craft because – what are we seven movies in? – the critics are still not loving Beyonce, the actress.

However, she did look faboosh at the film’s premiere, rocking a strapless Balmain mini-dress with sequins (she is Beyonce, after all) and a train.


In other movie news, The Soloist starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr. came in at a disappointing No.4. Downey’s reviews are a lot better than Foxx’s. Sad, considering he got so into portraying the schizophrenic violinist that he needed therapy.

Check out Beyonce on Larry King after the jump.

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